We are an exclusive network of divorce professionals who are committed to helping divorcing couples through the divorce process with minimal damage to themselves, their kids and their finances. It all starts with a promise to put our client’s interest above our own.

While our approach should not be revolutionary, it is. In a divorce, conflict has both an emotional cost and a financial cost. By educating you about all the options that are available to you and providing you with client-centered divorce professionals, we hope to minimize the emotional and financial cost of your divorce.



Laura Roach is the Chief Executive Office and President of Divorce in Peace, LLC and a partner at the law firm of Albin Roach located in North Texas. She is the managing partner of the firm's family law section. She has been recognized as one of the top family law lawyers and mediators in Texas by D Magazine and Texas Monthly. Laura is a member of the Board of Directors for the publicly traded company Kelso Technologies (NYSE: KIQ). Laura has spent the majority of her career helping individuals and families work through issues that arise from divorce. She has personally seen the damage caused by a contentious divorce and the negative impact the divorce has on the individuals, their kids and their finances. Instead of limiting her philosophy of a peaceful divorce to those who come into direct contact with her, she decided to co-author the book Divorce in Peace with her husband John. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona and St. Mary's University School of Law. Laura is a dedicated mother to her three boys: John, Jacob and Jack.


Lou Mattia

Account Executive

Focusing on professionals who put their client's best interest ahead of their own is such a great opportunity. My job gives me the opportunity to connect those professionals with people in need. I like that

Daniel Santiago

Account Executive

If I can give a family the opportunity to learn a process, technique, or introduce them to an expert to guide them down a more peaceful path, then I have done the entire family an incredible service. As a father myself, that’s something I can be proud of.

Marc Cooper

Account Executive

I help divorce professionals and clients connect by explaining that Divorce In Peace can do what they need done. how we do it better, and why we are the best choice. I am willing to take the time to serve my customers in whatever manner necessary.

Yvonne Rains

Account Executive

I have rewarding career accomplishments that come from having a genuine interest in helping others achieve their business goals while presenting ideas and solutions that provide a win win outcome for all. I always leverage myself to be in a position to sincerely help.


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